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2 October 2022 267

How to take the exam for the Russian TRP in 2022

The process of obtaining a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation consists of several stages, one of which is confirmation of knowledge of the Russian language, as well as knowledge of national history and legislation. With some exceptions, everyone has to take the exam, and often migrants are not sufficiently prepared for the test, in particular, they do not understand where and how it should be taken. Difficulties can also arise directly during the testing, so you should find out in advance the maximum information about the procedure and its features.

The TRP exam is a comprehensive check of potential document recipients, the results of which make it possible to judge how prepared a person is for life in Russia. It is assumed that in order to adapt in a new country, a migrant must know the language, law and history of the state where they plan to live and work. Tasks drawn up by linguists, historians and lawyers make it possible to objectively assess the abilities of a foreigner. If you manage to score a sufficient number of points (for each module it is different), then a certificate is issued with which you can apply for the RVP. The procedure is paid, so in addition to knowledge, you need to think about financial costs. Those who come from non-Russian speaking countries often require the services of tutors before passing the screening.

Certificate of successful passing of the Russian language proficiency exam for RVP
Certificate of successful passing of the Russian language proficiency exam for TRP


Who may not be tested?

There are situations where a migrant can avoid the additional investment of time, effort, and financial resources by not taking an exam. Russian legislation provides for this possibility for the following categories:

  • underage migrants – if the age is less than 18, then you do not need to confirm your knowledge;
  • retirees, namely: women over 60 and men over 65;
  • owners of diplomas or certificates of graduation from a Soviet or Russian university, provided that they are issued in accordance with all requirements;
  • Belarusian citizens who have decided to move to Russia and legally work here;
  • participants of the state program for the resettlement of compatriots;
  • for those who are native Russian speakers;
  • for highly qualified specialists;
  • to holders of documents that prove limited capacity or incapacity.

To clarify whether you fall under one or another category, please contact our lawyers. Specialists will also help with the collection of documents and the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Where should I go to take the exam?

The full list of organizations that have the right to test the knowledge of foreigners is listed in the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 856. It is on him that you need to focus if you want to get a state-recognized certificate, which will be accepted without any problems in the migration service.

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 856
Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 856


However, the document lists only 13 universities located in the capital and large cities, where not everyone can easily get to. You can solve the problem by using the services of testing centers that operate on the basis of higher educational institutions prescribed in the Order. A prerequisite for applying to such organizations is to check the availability of a valid license from the university or institute that provided accreditation. If the document is overdue, or the university is not included in the list, then the center does not have the right to conduct exams and issue certificates.

The main thing you need to know about the Russian TRP exam

  1. The test consists of three stages, which alternately test knowledge of the Russian language, history and Russian legislation.
  2. The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes. There is a fixed time for the delivery of each block.
  3. The cost of the procedure can vary between 3500 rubles – 5500 rubles. depending on the delivery center and region. The most expensive checks are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  4. All written assignments are done on forms prescribed by law.
  5. Oral responses must be recorded on a voice recorder.
Taking the Russian language exam in different cities of Russia
Passing the Russian language exam in different cities of Russia


How do they test for knowledge of the Russian language?

During the test, the migrant will have to prove that he is capable of:

  • understand Russian speech and correctly interpret verbally and non-verbally (during reading) information;
  • write and speak Russian fluently, maintain dialogue;
  • fill out questionnaires and conduct correspondence, including business correspondence;
  • create monologues on specific topics.
Examples of questions in the test for knowledge of the Russian language for RVP
Examples of questions in the test for knowledge of the Russian language for TRP


In total, there are five subtests in the exam, designed to confirm or refute the fact that a foreigner has certain language skills:

  1. Letter – you will need to come up with a story and write it in the form of a postcard to a friend.
  2. Vocabulary and Grammar – you will have to pass a test, where in each task you will need to indicate the missing word.
  3. Reading – first you have to carefully study the text, and then answer questions about it.
  4. Listening – an employee of the center or university will read the text, after which you will need to take a test to confirm that you understand it.
  5. Speaking – you will first need to give meaningful (not necessarily long) answers to the questions asked, then say aloud what the examiner will ask. As a rule, you need to think aloud on some distant topic.

Except for the last sub-category, which involves conversation, the rest of the subtests are written. You always need to remember about the time limit in order to do everything. When passing tests, you must first answer simple and understandable questions, and then return to those that are in doubt. It is advisable to practice at home in advance in order to learn how to control the time spent on tasks.

How is knowledge of Russian history tested?

Examples of Russian history exam questions for RVP
Sample questions for Russian history exam for TRP

To confirm the knowledge of historical facts, you will need to answer 20 questions that will concern:

  • key dates in Russian history;
  • national customs;
  • cultural background;
  • legendary monuments;
  • famous personalities who have made great contributions to various fields: economics, politics, medicine, art, etc.

There are no open tests (without answer options), which makes it easier to pass the exam. You don’t have to delve into the history of the country or memorize the smallest details when preparing for the test – in order to score a passing score, it will be enough to have basic knowledge of the school level. For migrants who came from post-Soviet countries, this part of the test does not cause problems, but the rest will have to spend some time and effort studying how the Russian state was formed.

Peculiarities of passing the exam for knowledge of law

An example of a test for knowledge of the basics of Russian legislation for obtaining a TRP
An example of a test for knowledge of the basics of Russian legislation for obtaining a TRP


Objectively, the most difficult step in passing the test before obtaining a Russian TRP is testing for knowledge of the law. It is because of him that many have to go for a retake, because you need not only to learn certain facts, but also to understand their essence – otherwise you will not be able to score enough points. Mostly tasks are offered with answer options, but there are also those where you need to answer yourself.

The third block contains questions related to various areas: family, administrative, criminal, civil law, etc. According to the foreigner’s answers, the examiners can judge how legally literate he is. It is rightly believed that a person cannot quickly adapt in a country without having an idea about the basics of its legislation.

The most commonly asked questions in testing are related to:

  • established rules and terms of residence of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation – understanding the basic migration rules is mandatory for any migrant who wants to legally stay and work in the country;
  • the provisions of the Russian Constitution;
  • principles of relations with the employer and employment procedures for foreigners;
  • the main types of offenses and punishment for their commission;
  • political rights and freedoms;
  • principles of conducting economic activity on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • features of the taxation system;
  • key aspects of the formation of civil and family relations, in particular, the rights and obligations of spouses, the procedure for entering into marriage and filing a divorce, etc.

How many points do I need to score?

It is not necessary to answer all questions correctly to receive a certificate. There is a certain minimum score for each module and subtest, the receipt of which allows you to successfully pass the test:

  • in the Russian language exam, you must answer 70% of all questions, earning 210 points or more. At the same time, for grammar and vocabulary, you need to score at least 35 points, for listening – from 49 points, for speaking – from 56 points, for writing – from 28 points and for reading – at least 42 points;
  • the law exam requires at least ten correct answers, which is 50% of the total number of questions;
  • in the history exam, you also need to answer 10 out of 20 questions correctly.

Getting a certificate

After it will take some time to complete the last part of the test until the examiners report the results. If you have scored enough points in all modules, then you can count on issuing a certificate.

To receive a document, you need to present your passport and wait for it to be issued. The waiting period is from 3 to 10 working days, that is, after a maximum of 2 weeks, you can collect the rest of the papers and apply for the TRP. In addition to the certificate, which is valid for 5 years, the results of a medical examination and a completed application will be required. Holders of a certificate of passing the exam for a residence permit may additionally not be tested for a temporary residence permit, but use an existing document. On the contrary, it will not work – when applying for a residence permit, they do not accept a certificate for a temporary residence permit.

How difficult is it to pass the TRP exam in Russia?

Migrants will not have any special difficulties if they are well prepared and have sufficient speech practice. It will be fundamentally easier for citizens of Russian-speaking countries – at least they will pass the Russian language exam easily, all that remains is to remember the school history course and learn the legislation of the Russian Federation. Emotional attitude and attentiveness are also important success factors, since often the answers are partially contained in the test questions.

What to do if validation fails?

The first attempt fails for many migrants, and for various reasons:

  • overconfident;
  • memorizing rules without understanding them;
  • inability to quickly concentrate and give correct answers under limited time;
  • fear and excitement;
  • Insufficient preparation quality.

Those who fail one or two subtests have the option to retake part of the exam, i.e. prepare and retake the failed parts of the exam. Everyone else will have to re-spend money and time on passing the check.

You can increase your chances of success by taking special preparatory courses. They are organized in testing centers, and the schedule and duration, as well as the content of the curriculum, can vary significantly. After training, almost everyone takes an exam, but in this case, preparation takes more time and requires additional financial costs.

If you prepare yourself, then the costs are less, but the risk of not passing increases. It is not superfluous to look at sample questions and take trial testing online to get an idea of ​​the mechanics of the process and assess the current level of knowledge.

Make an appointment with the specialists of the Unified Legal Service to get professional and competent assistance in passing exams for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Russia.

Политика конфиденциальности

Единая юридическая служба (далее Единая юридическая служба или Администрация) обязуется сохранять Вашу конфиденциальность в сети Интернет.

Настоящая Политика Конфиденциальности, рассказывает о том, как собираются, обрабатываются и хранятся Ваши личные данные.

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Собираемая информация

Администрация сайта может собирать следующую информацию о пользователях сайта:
- Фамилия, Имя, Отчество
- Номер телефона
- Прочая информация

Использование информации

Ниже описаны некоторые способы использования личной информации пользователя:
- для предоставления информации и услуг, которые запрашивает пользователь
- для ответа на запросы пользователя
- для формирования статистических данных

Раскрытие информации

Администрация не продает личные данные пользователя и не передает их третьим лицам без согласия на то пользователя.
Далее, описаны некоторые случаи передачи личной информации пользователя:

- в случаях, если это требуется органам спецслужб или если это требует законодательство

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