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Payment by installments

You can pay for our services in stages or in installments up to 12 months

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Legalization in the most difficult situations

Help in finding a job

We will help with finding a job and applying for a temporary asylum

Main / Unified Legal Service

We help people every day in a variety of life situations. We provide free consultations for individuals and businesses. We fully accompany foreign citizens when obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit and Russian citizenship. We also resolve issues of legal entities, including arbitration disputes, registration of individual entrepreneurs and LLCs, filing bankruptcy.

We help foreign citizens to stay in Russia. Only in 2021:

271 people

received a TRP

243 people

received a residence permit

876 people

received Russian citizenship

112 people

received the status of a native speaker of Russian

87 people

got the ban on entry of the Russian Federation lifted

115 people

received temporary asylum status

77 people

carried out under the compatriot resettlement program

175 people

received a residence permit as a “highly qualified specialist”

Reasons to choose us

Unified Legal Service

We give a guarantee. We close 99% of all contracts with clients. We help to legalize in Russia even in difficult cases when litigation is required.

Unified Legal Service

We help to find work and housing. Fully legal, the FMS will have no questions or claims.

Unified Legal Service

We provide installments. Our services can be paid in installments up to 12 months. We will also develop a phased payment plan for you.

Our services

The Unified Legal Service is a staff of lawyers of various profiles who are ready to provide competent assistance in any civil law situation. Only professionals with practical experience in solving similar problems will work with you.

Unified Legal Service
Assistance in obtaining Russian citizenship

We help you find the shortest way to obtain Russian citizenship. We will collect all the documents and submit with you to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Unified Legal Service
Assistance in obtaining a temporary residence permit of the Russian Federation

We help at all stages of obtaining a temporary residence permit of the Russian Federation – from collecting documents to obtaining a temporary residence permit. We communicate with the migration service.

Unified Legal Service
Assistance in obtaining a residence permit of the Russian Federation

We accompany you when you visit government agencies, help you collect all the necessary documents to obtain a residence permit

Unified Legal Service
Legal support of business

We carry out documentation on transactions, help prevent lawsuits, obtain licenses and permits. We also deal with reorganization, registration and liquidation of companies. We will take on routine tasks.

Unified Legal Service
Registration / liquidation of LLC and individual entrepreneurs

Unified Legal Service
Dispute Resolution in Arbitration Courts

We participate in proceedings under contracts, corporate conflicts, property and debt collection. We carefully assess the risks in advance, trying to resolve issues out of court, if possible.

Unified Legal Service
Bankruptcy filing of companies and individuals

We help clients to preserve their property and restructure debts

Unified Legal Service
Registration of real estate transactions

Unified Legal Service
Road accidents

Unified Legal Service
Assistance in criminal cases

We are seeking a reduced sentence or acquittal in court. We will collect evidence and form a legal position.

Unified Legal Service
Resolving conflicts in divorce.

We help to resolve issues of custody and division of property without the client’s personal participation in court hearings. We also help to get child support.

Video reviews

The founder of the Unified Legal Service, Batraz Avzuragov, provides an expert assessment of difficult life situations and shares his professional experience.

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How we work

Unified Legal Service


We find out the features of the client’s situation and his problem. We answer the questions.

Unified Legal Service

Situation analysis

We find solutions to the problem, based on the provisions of the legislation. We work out the order of actions.

Unified Legal Service

Preparation of documents

We collect everything needed and our lawyer personally accompanies the client when visiting the authorities. This can significantly speed up the process. We draw up various statements on our own based on the position we have developed.

Unified Legal Service

Client support

Our lawyer will be by your side when attending court proceedings or submitting documents to the Federal Tax Service and other authorities.

Unified Legal Service


We receive all the necessary documents from government agencies or courts.

Don’t waste your time. Find out how to legally protect your interests.

Get a free consultation of our lawyers.

Results of our work

Unified Legal Service
07.10.2019 Judgment number 2а-4063/19 Download
Unified Legal Service
16.07.2019 Judgment number 15/3-197803836889 Download
Unified Legal Service
04.07.2019 Judgment number 15/3-197803549215 Download
Unified Legal Service
19.10.2018 Judgment number 3/18771402877 Download
Unified Legal Service
13.09.2018 Judgment number 2а-3676/18 Download
Unified Legal Service
19.06.2018 Judgment number 3/187707326951 Download

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Our contacts:

Unified Legal Service
Our address: Saint Petersburg, Nevskiy ave 151 A, office 10-Н
Unified Legal Service
Our phone: +7 904 614-83-51
Unified Legal Service
Working hours: 10:00-20:00 daily
Unified Legal Service
E-mail: eusspb@mail.ru

Политика конфиденциальности

Единая юридическая служба (далее Единая юридическая служба или Администрация) обязуется сохранять Вашу конфиденциальность в сети Интернет.

Настоящая Политика Конфиденциальности, рассказывает о том, как собираются, обрабатываются и хранятся Ваши личные данные.

Администрация уделяет большое внимание защите личной информации пользователей.

Пользуюсь сайтом Единая юридическая служба, пользователь тем самым дает согласие на применение правил сбора и использования данных, изложенных в настоящем документе.

Если Вы не согласны с условиями нашей политики конфиденциальности, не используйте сайт Единая юридическая служба!

Собираемая информация

Администрация сайта может собирать следующую информацию о пользователях сайта:
- Фамилия, Имя, Отчество
- Номер телефона
- Прочая информация

Использование информации

Ниже описаны некоторые способы использования личной информации пользователя:
- для предоставления информации и услуг, которые запрашивает пользователь
- для ответа на запросы пользователя
- для формирования статистических данных

Раскрытие информации

Администрация не продает личные данные пользователя и не передает их третьим лицам без согласия на то пользователя.
Далее, описаны некоторые случаи передачи личной информации пользователя:

- в случаях, если это требуется органам спецслужб или если это требует законодательство

Прочая информация

Дети любых возрастов могут беспрепятственно пользоваться данным сайтом.

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